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Various fixes to make compilation with GCCSDK4 work.
Add an Iconv command (currently no code support) svn path=/trunk/iconv/; revision=5682
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@@ -16,8 +16,13 @@ The include directory should contain the exported headers:
+ utf8.h
+ utf16.h
-The lib directory should contain the compiled library:
+The lib directory should contain the library compiled for the host platform:
+ libunicode.a (renamed from ucodelib.a)
- + libunicode-m.a (renamed from ucodelibm.a)
+The libro directory should contain the library compiled for RISC OS:
+ + libunicode.a (renamed from ucodelib.a)
+If wanting to build the RISC OS module, ensure that the library was built with
+-mmodule. Otherwise, linking will fail with differing FP implementations.