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* Ignore include/lib*John-Mark Bell2012-09-011-0/+2
* Lose obsolete patchJohn Mark Bell2011-03-242-547/+0
* Sync with surrogates/U+FFFE/U+FFFE patchJohn Mark Bell2008-11-291-5/+12
* Incorporate fix for utf-8 codec when encountering illegal byte sequencesJohn Mark Bell2008-11-291-10/+38
* Sync with patch sent to ROOL.John Mark Bell2008-11-291-36/+2
* Update patchJohn Mark Bell2008-11-191-25/+40
* Patch for UnicodeLib to make all enabled tests pass.John Mark Bell2008-11-192-0/+531
* Various fixes to make compilation with GCCSDK4 work.John Mark Bell2008-11-111-2/+7
* Import Iconv sourcesJohn Mark Bell2008-11-101-0/+23