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* Rename all css_[^_] internal symbols to css__ so that they're nicely namespacedDaniel Silverstone2011-01-261-30/+30
* Ensure there are zero global symbols without css_ or css__ in front of them. ...Daniel Silverstone2011-01-201-17/+17
* Merge parser autogeneration and string handling refactor branch r=jmb,kinniso...Vincent Sanders2011-01-191-156/+141
* simple properties split in parse similar to select in preparation for future ...Vincent Sanders2011-01-021-508/+0
* Make libcss suitable for the new libwapcaplet behaviour.Daniel Silverstone2010-03-281-37/+37
* Fix libcss to use new libwapcaplet behaviour.Daniel Silverstone2010-03-271-39/+20
* Don't intern lower-case versions of strings. Use lwc_context_string_caseless_...John Mark Bell2009-07-271-21/+89
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* Fix c&p-induced liesJohn Mark Bell2009-06-241-6/+6
* Parse background shorthand propertyJohn Mark Bell2009-06-191-0/+229
* Some tweaks to the background-position parser, which will theoretically make ...John Mark Bell2009-06-181-11/+23
* Document all background-* property parsers and make them behave correctly.John Mark Bell2009-06-181-16/+108
* Centralise !important handling.John Mark Bell2009-06-181-23/+24
* Add whitespaceJohn Mark Bell2009-06-181-1/+1
* Split out background property parsersJohn Mark Bell2009-05-261-0/+369