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* make value extraction the same interface as gettingVincent Sanders2018-02-031-18/+29
* correctly extract the page boundaries from the page treeVincent Sanders2018-02-031-1/+41
* start actual page renderingVincent Sanders2018-01-311-0/+1
* fix bug when content conversion has already been performedVincent Sanders2018-01-281-26/+131
* rename cos object name entryVincent Sanders2018-01-231-4/+24
* correctly parse content streams for pages contentsVincent Sanders2018-01-201-19/+94
* convert to using stream offset type for stream offsetsVincent Sanders2018-01-191-0/+1
* start to alter parseing to read from cos_stream objectVincent Sanders2018-01-181-0/+49
* fix list parse and constructionVincent Sanders2018-01-161-32/+12
* fix header guards and copyright noticesVincent Sanders2018-01-081-1/+1
* parse stream objects, no filters handled yetVincent Sanders2018-01-081-1/+2
* split out cross reference table handling to separate moduleVincent Sanders2018-01-061-8/+27
* add metadata interfaceVincent Sanders2017-12-311-1/+37
* make an actual libraryVincent Sanders2017-12-301-15/+16
* decode page treeVincent Sanders2017-12-281-0/+148
* add more data acessorsVincent Sanders2017-12-261-23/+104
* decode indirect objectsVincent Sanders2017-12-241-0/+1
* fix null object decode and improve reference object decode a bitVincent Sanders2017-12-241-0/+9
* clean up error handling and start decoding of indirect objectsVincent Sanders2017-12-241-13/+27
* split code up a bitVincent Sanders2017-12-211-0/+139