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* simplify path render a bitVincent Sanders2018-02-071-23/+2
* extend path operations in renderVincent Sanders2018-02-071-1/+62
* implement colour setting operations in renderVincent Sanders2018-02-071-4/+279
* extend graphics state operation implementationVincent Sanders2018-02-061-107/+107
* split out pdf matrix multiplicationVincent Sanders2018-02-061-32/+65
* fix emiting beziersVincent Sanders2018-02-051-0/+17
* implement CTM matrix transformVincent Sanders2018-02-041-0/+70
* make value extraction the same interface as gettingVincent Sanders2018-02-031-1/+1
* correctly extract the page boundaries from the page treeVincent Sanders2018-02-031-3/+79
* start actual page renderingVincent Sanders2018-01-311-0/+238
* extend page interface with render contextVincent Sanders2018-01-291-3/+8
* correctly parse content streams for pages contentsVincent Sanders2018-01-201-45/+3
* update cos object parsing to take a stream to parse fromVincent Sanders2018-01-181-1/+1
* start to alter parseing to read from cos_stream objectVincent Sanders2018-01-181-23/+15
* extend page content stream parse to cope with arrays of streamsVincent Sanders2018-01-161-3/+54
* parse stream objects, no filters handled yetVincent Sanders2018-01-081-2/+3
* split out cross reference table handling to separate moduleVincent Sanders2018-01-061-3/+28
* split out page handling into new moduleVincent Sanders2018-01-051-0/+138