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* Begin mask supportJames Shaw2007-11-263-23/+47
* Implement CMYK translation thanks to John-Mark BellJames Shaw2007-11-263-5/+39
* Add PRM referenceJames Shaw2007-11-261-1/+1
* Fix line wrapping of default palettesJames Shaw2007-11-261-3/+76
* Add support for default palettes, and loading palettes from RISC James Shaw2007-11-2611-19/+113
* Fix 16bpp handling, clear SDL screen between spritesJames Shaw2007-11-263-7/+48
* Add SDL drawing in example, fix RGB handling in high_color parserJames Shaw2007-11-253-6/+35
* Split libsprite and test harness. Populate sprite->image.James Shaw2007-11-255-107/+197
* Remove file since it's merged into libsprite.c nowJames Shaw2007-11-231-55/+0
* Implement high colour parsingJames Shaw2007-11-231-11/+30
* Get main() using sprite_area. Get low_colour image parsing working.James Shaw2007-11-231-61/+122
* Add prototype image readers in reader.c. Refactor libsprite.c to split James Shaw2007-11-233-101/+162
* Detect Select 8bpp masks, more assertsJames Shaw2007-11-231-3/+35
* Add oldmodes from PRM 1, switch code to use more of the sprite_header James Shaw2007-11-221-42/+97
* Initial revisionJames Shaw2007-11-222-0/+220