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authorPeter Colberg <>2015-10-30 15:13:48 -0400
committerPeter Colberg <>2015-10-30 15:13:48 -0400
commit548497a3981ef671bfbd70c0cd3fe9b0d6261a6e (patch)
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Move common test functions to separate module
This resolves warnings for missing function prototypes.
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diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
index 1d41ba9..710dad1 100644
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -43,10 +43,11 @@ includedir=$(prefix)/include
all: libutf8proc.a libutf8proc.$(SHLIB_EXT)
- rm -f utf8proc.o libutf8proc.a libutf8proc.$(SHLIB_VERS_EXT) libutf8proc.$(SHLIB_EXT) test/normtest test/graphemetest test/printproperty test/charwidth test/valid test/iterate
+ rm -f utf8proc.o libutf8proc.a libutf8proc.$(SHLIB_VERS_EXT) libutf8proc.$(SHLIB_EXT)
ifneq ($(OS),Darwin)
rm -f$(MAJOR)
+ rm -f test/tests.o test/normtest test/graphemetest test/printproperty test/charwidth test/valid test/iterate test/case
$(MAKE) -C bench clean
$(MAKE) -C data clean
@@ -100,26 +101,29 @@ data/NormalizationTest.txt:
$(MAKE) -C data GraphemeBreakTest.txt
-test/normtest: test/normtest.c utf8proc.o utf8proc.h test/tests.h
- $(CC) $(UCFLAGS) test/normtest.c utf8proc.o -o $@
+test/tests.o: test/tests.c test/tests.h utf8proc.h
+ $(CC) $(UCFLAGS) -c -o test/tests.o test/tests.c
-test/graphemetest: test/graphemetest.c utf8proc.o utf8proc.h test/tests.h
- $(CC) $(UCFLAGS) test/graphemetest.c utf8proc.o -o $@
+test/normtest: test/normtest.c test/tests.o utf8proc.o utf8proc.h test/tests.h
+ $(CC) $(UCFLAGS) test/normtest.c test/tests.o utf8proc.o -o $@
-test/printproperty: test/printproperty.c utf8proc.o utf8proc.h test/tests.h
- $(CC) $(UCFLAGS) test/printproperty.c utf8proc.o -o $@
+test/graphemetest: test/graphemetest.c test/tests.o utf8proc.o utf8proc.h test/tests.h
+ $(CC) $(UCFLAGS) test/graphemetest.c test/tests.o utf8proc.o -o $@
-test/charwidth: test/charwidth.c utf8proc.o utf8proc.h test/tests.h
- $(CC) $(UCFLAGS) test/charwidth.c utf8proc.o -o $@
+test/printproperty: test/printproperty.c test/tests.o utf8proc.o utf8proc.h test/tests.h
+ $(CC) $(UCFLAGS) test/printproperty.c test/tests.o utf8proc.o -o $@
-test/valid: test/valid.c utf8proc.o utf8proc.h test/tests.h
- $(CC) $(UCFLAGS) test/valid.c utf8proc.o -o $@
+test/charwidth: test/charwidth.c test/tests.o utf8proc.o utf8proc.h test/tests.h
+ $(CC) $(UCFLAGS) test/charwidth.c test/tests.o utf8proc.o -o $@
-test/iterate: test/iterate.c utf8proc.o utf8proc.h test/tests.h
- $(CC) $(UCFLAGS) test/iterate.c utf8proc.o -o $@
+test/valid: test/valid.c test/tests.o utf8proc.o utf8proc.h test/tests.h
+ $(CC) $(UCFLAGS) test/valid.c test/tests.o utf8proc.o -o $@
-test/case: test/case.c utf8proc.o utf8proc.h test/tests.h
- $(CC) $(UCFLAGS) test/case.c utf8proc.o -o $@
+test/iterate: test/iterate.c test/tests.o utf8proc.o utf8proc.h test/tests.h
+ $(CC) $(UCFLAGS) test/iterate.c test/tests.o utf8proc.o -o $@
+test/case: test/case.c test/tests.o utf8proc.o utf8proc.h test/tests.h
+ $(CC) $(UCFLAGS) test/case.c test/tests.o utf8proc.o -o $@
check: test/normtest data/NormalizationTest.txt test/graphemetest data/GraphemeBreakTest.txt test/printproperty test/case test/charwidth test/valid test/iterate bench/bench.c bench/util.c bench/util.h utf8proc.o
$(MAKE) -C bench