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+NetSurf source -- Web Browser and all associated support libraries
+ NetSurf is a compact graphical web browser which aims for HTML5, CSS
+ and JavaScript support.
+ This complete source package contains all the required NetSurf
+ support libraries to build the browser.
+ The NetSurf project provide binary builds for releases for several
+ platforms form the website and have packaged the browser in several
+ distributions. This option may be more suitable for some users than
+ compiling from source.
+ A simple "make" is sufficient to compile the browser with the
+ default gtk toolkit selection.
+ It depends upon the host system having a suitable toolchain for
+ compiling c programs installed along with GNU make, zlib, flex,
+ bison and lipjpeg
+ In addition to the core library dependencies it is strongly
+ recommended libcurl, openssl and libpng libraries are present or the
+ browser will not have HTTP fetches, HTTPS fetches and PNG graphics
+ support respectively.
+ There are multiple GUI toolkits available which all have additional
+ dependencies i.e. gtk browser frontend requires the gtk development
+ libraries.