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<p>Most recent first:</p>
<dl class="releases">
+<dt>LibCSS 0.9.0</dt>
+<dd><a href="">Tarball</a> &ndash; <a href="#changes-0.9.0">Changes</a></dd>
<dt>LibCSS 0.8.0</dt>
<dd><a href="">Tarball</a> &ndash; <a href="#changes-0.8.0">Changes</a></dd>
<dt>LibCSS 0.7.0</dt>
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<dl class="changes">
+<dt id="changes-0.9.0">LibCSS 0.9.0</dt>
+<li>Added support for parsing CSS Media Queries Level 4.</li>
+<li>API for adding sheets to a selection context now takes a Media string.</li>
+<li>The selection API now allows the client to describe the media that is being selected for.</li>
+<li>Selection now honours width/height feature queries.</li>
+<li>Removed the uncommon property extension blocks in computed style data. This simplfies the code and fixes a subtle bug in the cascade/composition handling.</li>
+<li>Fixed leak where rules had over 256 selectors.</li>
<dt id="changes-0.8.0">LibCSS 0.8.0</dt>
<li>Added support for CSS flexbox properties.</li>