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Developer weekend: Update progress so far.
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@@ -91,6 +91,36 @@ Mostly individual activity here
+* Converted NetSurf's README to Markdown.
+* Removed unused minimum GIF delay setting from front ends (RISC OS, Amiga,
+ GTK, Atari, Windows).
+* Removed unused minimum GIF delay option from Core settings.
+* Removed unused minimum GIF delay option from documentation.
+* Various constifications of parameters though APIs:
+ - The `bw` in browser window URL access function.
+ - The core window in the core window callback table's getters.
+ - The treeview clip rectangle through redraw.
+ - The `bw` though the browser_window page_info getter.
+* Check for success/failure on HTML script mimetype interning.
+* Split out a helper to get colour lightness in plot_style.
+* Added function to engorge a particular component channel in a colour.
+* Added stubs for new browser window interfaces for page-info functionality.
+* Added new page info core window.
+ - Handles correct scaling of everything (text, paddings, etc) for different DPIs.
+ - Handles light on dark, or dark on light colour configurations.
+ - Implemented content layout, redraw and mouse action.
+* Initialise/finalise the page-info module in NetSurf startup/quit handling.
+* Renamed "crtvrfy" to "pi" (for page-info) in the GTK front end.
+* Found a bug in the Amiga m86k toolchain where the compiler generates assembly
+ that the assembler says is invalid.
+ - For now, since we can't build the Amiga m86k toolchain, we have just
+ disabled that entry in the CI build matrix.
+* Added `-ldl` link flag for unit test build of ``.
+* Addressed missing malloc check in hashmap from Rob's code review.
+* Added treeview API for setting a search string in searchable treeviews.
+* Added cookie manager API for setting search string.
+* Made the browser window cookie opener set the search term to the current
+ URL's host.