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What Daniel did today
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* Migrated the callback for auth/ssl from llcache through hlcache to the users
of the hlcache. It should be functionally equivalent (except sub-fetches
no longer prompt but instead automatically fail like in other browsers).
+* Designed an approach for shadow contents, fleshed it out, discussed it among
+ ourselves, discarded as being overcomplex. It is preserved below for posterity.
+* Designed, with Vince primarily being the clever monkey, a new approach which
+ removed the query callbacks from the llcache and instead uses content generated
+ in the `about:` handler. We think this is cleaner.
+* Taught `browser_window` how to remember fetch parameters so that we can
+ restart fetches in the new query design. Split navigation in half to make
+ that clean.
+* Migrated SSL certificate chain storage to `browser_window` and allowed it
+ to store the chains for the completed fetch, leading to possibilities of
+ padlocks later down the line. In the process, fixed a long-standing bug
+ where serial numbers never worked.
+* Excised the llcache query pathways and migrated them all the way up to the
+ `browser_window`
+* Tracked down a strange behaviour and discovered we didn't handle `PAUSED`
+ coming out when we tried to finish the parse. Added a fix for that.