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* Finished extended internet test badgering including full reorganisation of
the monkey-tests tree.
+Plan for page info
+1. We add to browser_window the concept of the currently displayed page info.
+2. That info is an enumeration of:
+ * UNKNOWN (nothing loaded?)
+ * INTERNAL (e.g. `about:` etc)
+ * INSECURE (e.g. `http://`)
+ * SECURE+PROBLEMS (e.g. `https://` but `http://` images, or badssl)
+ * SECURE (all is well)
+3. Whenever the currently displayed page changes, `browser_window` will send a
+ notification to the GUI, which will then be able to retrieve the current
+ state information.
+4. More detailed page information will be available through further APIs
+Then separately
+When the page information button is clicked, the GUI pops up a corewindow for
+it. This window will show information about the page's security, etc. Most of
+the information for this can be directly retrieved from the browser_window and
+as such, the corewindow will be initialised with the browser_window pointer.
+The GUI will be responsible for destroying the corewindow when the browser
+window is going away, and for notifying the corewindow when the browser window
+event indicating info-change occurs.
+This means that the corewindow is borrowing from the browser window, so we need
+to ensure that anything the browser window returns by pointer will remain safe
+for use even when navigation events occur.
Statement of work