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Update with Daniel's activity
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[[!meta title="Developer Weekend (February 2020)"]]
[[!meta author="NetSurf Developers"]]
-[[!meta date="2020-02-21 09:00:00"]]
+[[!meta date="2020-02-24 09:00:00"]]
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finished. Fixed that.
* Went through [[!bug 2736]] and fixed the tests to use `__func__` instead.
* Updated the SDK for iconv and curl versions
+* GTK3 - local history focussing and other core windows
+* Fixed async scripts not completing the content state machine properly
+* Don't progress the content state machine if scripts dont' run anything
+* Ignore content loading status in html_proceed_to_done
+* Added `DOMImplementation::createHtmlDocument()`
+* Added `Element::innerHTML` support
+* Added `Element::attributes` and thus a rudimentary `NamedNodeMap` and proxies
+* Fixed `infinity` to `Infinity` in exports in `Window`
+* Added `FOREGROUND` browser window creation flag to be honoured in frontends
+ which use tabs and can open things in the background at user choice
+ * Added support for that in GTK frontend
+* Added `FOCUS_LOCATION` browser window creation flag which frontends can use
+ to indicate that they want the location bar focussed when the window opens
+ * Added support to GTK frontend to use that
+ * Added a state machine for the focussing logic in GTK
+* Corrected `browser_window` to inform the GUI when redirects occur and to
+ ensure that the final URL reported to the GUI is the final fetched URL not
+ the fetch parameters URL
+ * Removed hack in GTK for url bar refresh on throbber stop as a result
+* Various GTK3 type updates (e.g. `GtkVBox` and `GtkHBox` to `GtkBox`)
+* Increased information available from `` when a window is
+ alive after being asked to destroy itself
+ * Also increased timeout in `monkey_driver` for that so that tests pass
+ once more
+* In the GTK frontend, drain GTK events before polling the scheduler to allow
+ windows a chance to realise before we render. This improves the local history
+ thumbnails and scrollbar size
+ * To complete the scrollbar fix, also send a resize event to the grid when
+ we complete a fetch so that the scrollbar will rerender its thumb properly
+* Correct `Node::nodeValue` setter to return the value set into it
+* made llcache persist anything useful during finalise
+* Added generic hashmap type
+ * Reworked the `fs_backing_store` to use this hashmap to reduce memory
+ impact at startup and simplify the code a bit.
+ * Added an SSL certificate chain cache to the curl fetcher using the hashmap
+* Corrected ring handling in about, resource, file, and data fetchers
+* Made fetch core send a `FETCH_ERROR` of `FetchFailedToFinish` if a fetch
+ is freed without actually passing through one of the finish states