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Dev weekend: Update progress.
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* Updated duktape to version 2.4.0.
* Made local-history bitmaps scale with DPI
* Made iframe test on <>
-* Attempted to add support for core window `scroll_visible` to RISC OS front end. (Still to be tested.)
+* Attempted to add support for core window `scroll_visible` to RISC OS front end.
- It didn't compile, so built the RISC OS toolchain and SDK, and then fixed the compilation error.
* Added support for scaling keyboard shortcuts to the Framebuffer front end.
* Optimised libnsfb's xrgb8888 surface rendering using a neat trick from Adrian Lees.
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- And updated all the front ends.
* Changed the core window interface for scrolling from scroll_visible to much simpler get/set scroll APIs.
* Reimplemented old scroll_visisble API in the core on top of the new set/get scroll and get_window_dimensions, using Daniel's algorithm from the GTK front end.
+* Made the RISC OS local history window claim input focus when it opens.
+* Fixed a couple of Duktape bindings for DOM element nodes that didn't check the return value of a LibDOM call.
+* Suppressed dead store `scan-build` warnings in the CSS presentational hints gatherer.