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Fixup pathway to 3.10 after chat with vince
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@@ -34,23 +34,20 @@ Outstanding work (from Feb)
* Events
* Michael to do more UI event support in NetSurf **SHITCANNED**
-Pathway to 3.10Release 3.10
+Pathway to 3.10
-* Completion of MVP for page info core window (Michael) **DONE**
-* DER exfiltration and SSL Certificate viewer `about:certificate` (Vince) **DONE**
-* Completion of integration of that into GTK and RISC OS frontends, with others
- being given at least two weeks to integrate before they cease blocking.
- (Assigned to Vince)
- * GTK **DONE**
- * RISC OS **Not done**
- * Others **Unknown**
-* At least some attention given to GTK focus issues (Daniel) **DONE**
-* Review styling for internal pages. (Michael) **DONE**
-* Listing compiled-in surfaces for nsfb (Daniel) **DONE**
-* [[!bug 2650]] Inappropriate error message (Daniel) **DONE**
-* [[!bug 2722]] GTK3 UI vertical scrollbar wrong (Assigned to Vincent) **DONE**
-* [[!bug 2721]] Bizarre corners on download box in highdpi (Assigned to Michael) **Not done**
+* Complete RISC OS frontend support for pageinfo core window
+* Add url to about:query/ssl to launch cert viewer (the link needs _blank)
+* excise sslcert_viewer entirely
+ * Monkey doesn't need it, excise from farmer and driver
+ * Remove cert_verify from the `gui_misc_table`
+ * Email to developer list to say this has been done and that frontends
+ will need to add padlock and page_info support
+* [[!bug 2752]] Building without openssl: acknowledged and assigned to Daniel.
+* [[!bug 2754]] GTK history delete menu options: acknowledged and assigned to Daniel.
+* [[!bug 2753]] RISC OS URL entry bug needs fixed.
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