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+[[!meta title="Continuous Integration FreeBSD Setup"]]
+[[!meta author="Kyllikki"]]
+[[!meta date="2014-12-21T02:25:02Z"]]
+Manual setup of FreeBSD 10.1
+Install VM from ISO the usual 1G of RAM and 40G of disc is sufficient.
+The install will ask for root password, also create a jenkins user and
+give it a password and home dir of /var/lib/jenkins .
+I had lots of issues trying to get ps2 mouse support working, the usb
+mouse did work but a CI slave does not need it.
+enable serial console
+`echo 'console="comconsole"' >> /boot/loader.conf`
+ensure pkg-config is replaced by the freebsd equivalent
+`pkg set -o devel/pkg-config:devel/pkgconf`
+`pkg install -f devel/pkgconf`
+### required packages
+Ensure all ports were added in the install or mess with ports as needed
+The first run of the pkg command will prompt you to install it.
+`pkg install curl`
+is a good starting place.
+Required packages:
+`wget `
+### config
+on master jenkins use "manage nodes" to create new node. Ensure "remote
+fs root" is set to /var/lib/jenkins add variable JENKINS\_HOME set to
+As superuser on slave:
+- create jenkins user
+`adduser -home /var/lib`