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Updates for this weekend
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@@ -27,12 +27,22 @@ Daniel spent time cleaning up `nsmonkey` and writing an initial wrapper so that
we can begin to explore ways in which we might use `nsmonkey` to have tests
of the browser as a whole. It's all a little grungy as yet; but it's a start
+New logging library
+Daniel designed and built a new logging library (`libnslog`) which is pretty
+much feature-complete at this time, though it is known to use a number of naïve
+approaches for things like filter checking at this time. What's missing right
+now is a bunch of documentation before other parts of the NetSurf project can
+start to use it.
New layout
Michael started to look at the new layout engine stuff again, particularly
focussed around how the new layout engine will hook into the client for
-passing events back and forth.
+passing events back and forth. He wrote up a document about how it might work
+and has asked for comments.
Local History / Core Window
@@ -40,6 +50,9 @@ Local History / Core Window
Michael and Vince worked through a redraw/flicker bug in local history and
core windows. They fixed this and pushed a change.
+Vince subsequently managed to move all ancilliary windows to use corewindow
+and then removed swathes of deprecated APIs.
@@ -50,6 +63,9 @@ Frontends
* **kolibrios:** branch has been proposed, there remain some issues to cleanup
+ Daniel and Vince looked at this, but Ashish has a bunch more stuff to do before
+ it's really mergeable
@@ -60,5 +76,7 @@ Bugs
Next time
-We have chosen the next developer weekend to be .
-It shall be at
+We have chosen the next developer weekend to be Fri 8th through Sunday 10th
+September 2017.
+It shall be at Males Close once again.