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Add final libnslayout notes.
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@@ -74,18 +74,20 @@ Actions:
* update core plotters (knockout and print) to meet new API
* update each frontend plotters to provide API
+New layout engine: `libnslayout`
Michael started looking at the new layout engine again.
* Recalled the state of things when it was last touched.
-* Cleaning up what's there.
-* Revewing the current state of the specs that this library needs to implement.
+* Cleaned up what's there.
+* The next step for development is to add CSS selection support. Following
+ that we can actually experiment with layout.
+* Revewed the current state of the specs that this library needs to implement.
* Decided to focus on CSS2.2 first, and worry about level 3/4 stuff later,
since they can be treated mostly as extras.
* Downloaded a copy of the current CSS2.2 document.
-* Planning the structure of the new layout engine.
+* Ongoing: design the new layout engine.