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Dev weekend: Stuff to do for monkey testing.
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* a coverage build
* valgrind or similar to spot out of bounds memory accesses and leaks
+### Sunday Plan
+1. Webserver for test repo. CI job that runs make in the NetSurf test repo.
+ `make install DESTDIR=blah` to somewhere served by the CI control machine
+ somehow.
+2. CGI for test repo to turn POSTed form into JSON. With a test HTML FORM page
+ thing (make a form that does everything in the HTML5 spec).
+3. CGI for 401 page testing.
+4. Monkey tests that use the netsurf-test repo, get put in netsurf-test repo.
+5. Test makefile generates a monkey test manifest from the .yaml files.
+6. Finishing up the famer and the driver to support the tests we have.
+Stuff for future:
+1. Cert testing. (Various types of bad cert etc)