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Update developer weekend with my progress.
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@@ -26,6 +26,10 @@ Topics
* Vince fixed a whole pile of horrible compile problems with nslog on atari etc.
* Daniel fixed the test suite to work with the new logging options
* Triage of bug tracker to generate further topics for Saturday
+ * Michael found a couple of 10+ year old feature requests assigned to him, and decided
+ it was time to implement them, so he got started on:
+ * [`#1949` Search option for hotlist](
+ * [`#1954` No way to search global history](
* Daniel fixed [`#2549`](
* Daniel reviewed [`#2537`](
and decided that it wasn't worth trying to fix now. It's reported against
@@ -210,6 +214,13 @@ Daniel suggests:
Since we have fragment handling already (and navigating to a fragment will mean
that the `last_offset` is zero) we will continue to function with fragments.
+Bug fixes
+* Michael found and fixed a GTK core window issue where modifier keys were not
+ getting passed with mouse clicks (release), only with press. This prevented
+ Hotlist/Bookmarks entry editing.
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