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Reflect media query status; comment on auto-updating contents.
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@@ -37,6 +37,19 @@ animated, they could flip to a shared context. Ditto they could, on
`CONTENT_DONE`, switch from copied data to referencing the whole content stored
in `llcache`.
+Auto-Updating Contents
+Contents which update automagically (e.g. animated gifs) should, when an update
+occurs, send a message up to the content's users to notify that a change has
+happened. It is then left up to the users to decide what to do about it.
+Thus, for animated GIFs, which update off the scheduler, when the scheduled
+callback happens, the content handler should update its frame counter, and
+send a content changed message. On receipt of the message, the relevant user(s)
+should decide what to do (if anything -- if the GIF's not visible, there's no
+point decoding the new frame and attempting to display it).
CSS Media Queries
@@ -44,7 +57,9 @@ John-Mark is getting on with these
-> **TODO** jmb to fill out
+* Parser implementation 90% complete (other 90% remains to be done)
+* No selection implementation as yet (although Michael has defined a
+ mechanism for libcss clients to provide media state at selection time)
Plotter API work