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+[[!meta title="Developer Weekend (Jan 2014)"]]
+[[!meta author="Kyllikki"]]
+[[!meta date="2013-12-18T11:25:18Z"]]
+To be held afternoon of 3rd to afternoon of 5th
+Anyone interested in contributing to NetSurf, we generally have small
+discussion times and a great deal of hacking time. Previous events have
+crammed in excess of 20 hours working time into the weekend.
+You **must** confirm your attendance no later than the 2nd of January
+2014 so i can update the security list. We cannot offer travel
+sponsorship to the event and free accommodation is limited (and basic).
+Currently confirmed are
+- Vincent Sanders
+- Michael Drake
+- Daniel Silverstone
+- Rob Kendrick
+- John Mark-Bell
+At the Collabora Cambridge offices: Kett house Station Road Cambridge
+CB1 2JH
+This venue has easy access from the railway station and is a twenty
+minute walk from the city cenre where national express coaches stop.
+Nearest airport is Stanstead and the railway provides good links.
+Vincent has arranged to have accommodation for two people. More might be
+accommodated if they do not mind sleeping bags on the floor. Vincent
+also has a car and will be designated driver.
+List of ideas to consider and/or work on, if they've not already been
+- Forms to use LibDOM
+- New layout engine discussion
+- State of JS discussion
+- More LibCSS work (style interning & sharing)
+- Release process was a mad rush for 3.0
+ - Do we need to sort anything out?
+ - Non RISC OS platforms still haven't had a 3.0 release on our
+ site.
+ - Sort out the autobuilder generating releases
+- Can LibDOM be optimised?
+- Hubbub is years behind spec, and causing real bugs.
+- media and GStreamer 1.0 integration
+- libjpeg turbo
+- haru pdf integration
+- printing
+- Any other 3.1 blockers?
+- Urgent bugs?