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+[[!meta title="Development Plan"]]
+[[!meta author="Chris"]]
+[[!meta date="2014-05-11T18:53:19Z"]]
+[[!toc]] This is a planning
+document covering NetSurf development and release goals.
+Historical NetSurf 2 and before
+These editions are now completely obsolete and upgrading is recommended.
+The SVN revision control system and RISC OS only autobuilder were used
+to provide rudimentary CI.
+Releases were principally manual in nature and were oriented around
+stability and incremental improvements.
+Development concentrated on expanding functionality in a progression
+towards important core functionality.
+Major completed milestones in the 2.x series were:
+- The Hubbub parse library and integrating into NetSurf
+- The LibCSS CSS library and integation into NetSurf
+NetSurf 3
+This is the current release series where development is concentrated.
+We use git for our [control
+system](|source) and have a full multi
+platform [Integration](|Continuous)
+### Improvements in 3.0
+The first release in the 3 series had several important technical
+improvements the main ones were:
+- LibDOM Document Object Model library completed and integrated with
+ NetSurf
+- Libraries using the core buildsystem
+- Script support including Spidermonkey javascript interpreter and
+ basic DOM bindings
+- Integrated frame support
+- Integrated core treeview allowing for all frontends to benefit from
+ global history, bookmarks, cookie management
+### The 3 series development overview
+The focus of this series will be on:
+- improving speed and memory efficiency
+- improvement of user interaction, e.g. with form widgets
+- treeview improvements.
+- Improve url database handling
+- Improve coockie handling
+- Improving DOM integration
+- No major improvements are planned for the layout engine until
+ NetSurf 4.0.
+- APNGs are already used in the wild (unlike MNG). While we can
+ display the first frame, thanks to PNG backwards compatibility, it
+ would be good to support the animation extension.
+- We have always put XHTML though an HTML parser, which works well
+ enough currently, but it will be good to handle XHTML properly.
+### Active 3 release
+We maintain a page for the forthcoming release listing specific issues
+for that release.
+Next release will be [[NetSurf_3.2|netsurf_3.2]]
+Netsurf 4
+The focus of this release will be a
+[[new layout engine|layout]]. The new layout engine
+will enable dynamic changes to pages such as `:hover`, reflowing for
+scrollbar insertion.
+It will also add support for features missing from the old layout engine
+such as `z-index` and `vertical-align`.
+Javascript DOM integration should be completed and use the dynamic
+layout capabilities.
+### Core features
+- [[New layout engine|layout]], capable of dynamic
+ changes