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+[[!meta title="GSoC/Student Guidelines"]]
+[[!meta author="James Bursa"]]
+[[!meta date="2009-05-27T01:13:40Z"]]
+[[!toc]] This page details some of
+the things students thinking of applying to the NetSurf Project during
+the Google Summer of Code 2009 should know, do, and keep in mind.
+Read the section at the top of our ideas page
+It has all sorts of details and advice for students interested in
+working with NetSurf for Google Summer of Code.
+Build NetSurf and play with it for a while
+Building NetSurf should be quite easy. You should get the source with
+Subversion, as described [on the developer
+Don't download a tarball from the websvn interface: it's broken. If you
+have any trouble building it, ask on \#netsurf. The only common gotcha
+is obtaining the lemon parser generator, it only appears to be Debian
+and Ubuntu who package it separately. Fedora, specifically, builds it
+during the creation of the SQLite packages, but then throws it away!
+Fortunately, it's very trivial to build yourself: just ask Google for
+"lemon parser generator".
+Explore the NetSurf website
+There's loads of background information, documentation, and other juicy
+tidbits on our main website. Explore it thoroughly. Find it at
+We have a commitment to support RISC OS
+You've most likely not heard of RISC OS. It's possible by the end of
+your work with us you'll wish you never had. We have a history of
+supporting RISC OS (it was our first platform) and we have a commitment
+to continue doing so. Anything you write that's platform agnostic should
+work well on RISC OS. See Caveat RISC OS for a list of gotchas.
+Read what documentation exists
+There isn't currently much documentation for NetSurf's source code, but
+it's all well worth reading. Start with the documents in Subversion.
+Remember, we're British
+Well, in the most part, anyway. We consider tea, beer and curry all more
+important than NetSurf. We have a seemingly unnatural fascination with
+the weather. Don't be surprised by this. Also, our source code has an
+(unwritten, mostly) rule that things should be spelt in British English.
+So colour rather than color, etc.
+Please don't cut corners in your communications
+Contractions like **u** for **you** in emails and IRC conversation make
+us cringe. Please avoid!