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+[[!meta title="Society/Constitution"]]
+[[!meta author="Tlsa"]]
+[[!meta date="2009-07-08T14:55:53Z"]]
+[[!toc]] This is the constitution
+of the NetSurf Society.
+1. This document details the constitution of the the NetSurf Project
+ Society, hereinafter referred to as "the Society".
+2. Membership of the Society is non-transferable and is open to any
+ person who fulfils any of the following:
+ 1. The person is an active developer of any of the NetSurf
+ Project's programmes or libraries or documentation or websites
+ thereof. Such a person is defined by their having commit access
+ to the NetSurf Project's central revision control system and
+ having made a non-trivial commit within the past 12 months.
+ 2. The person is an active developer as defined in A but, instead
+ of having commit access to the NetSurf Project's central
+ revision control system, their non-trivial updates, patches,
+ modifications or new content is sponsored by an extant Member of
+ the Society such that it is committed to the NetSurf Project's
+ central revision control system on their behalf.
+3. Membership is free of charge, no subscription payments will be due.
+4. The Committee comprises three roles: Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
+5. Membership applications and resignations must be made in writing
+ (email or by post) or in person to the current holder of the
+ Secretary role.
+6. The Secretary will accept and approve any such application providing
+ the applicant fulfils any of the subclauses of 2. Resignation of
+ membership is subject to no conditions for normal Members, and is
+ predicated on a replacement having been elected for Committee
+ Members.
+7. Membership is automatically terminated if any of the following are
+ determined to be true:
+ 1. The Member dies
+ 2. The Member ceases to fulfil any of the requirements as laid out
+ in the subclauses of 2.
+8. The Society's objects (the Objects) are:
+ 1. To promote the use of, and advance the development of the
+ NetSurf Web Browser
+ 2. To promote the use of, and advance the development of the
+ NetSurf Project's other applications and libraries.
+9. All income and property of the Society shall be applied towards
+ furthering the Objects.
+10. The Society will hold an annual general meeting (AGM) each year. At
+ least 11 months and no more than 15 months may elapse between
+ successive AGMs.
+11. Any single member of the Committee, or 3 Members of the Society
+ acting in concert may call an EGM at any time by requesting it of
+ the Secretary in writing or in person.
+12. No less than two weeks will elapse between the calling of a meeting
+ (either AGM or EGM) and the meeting taking place.
+13. Meetings may occur physically or in the IRC channel \#netsurf on the
+ Freenode IRC network.
+14. The Committee is elected at the AGM and the Committee Members serve
+ the period starting immediately after the end of the AGM at which
+ they were elected and ending at the end of the subsequent AGM.
+15. Nominations for Committee roles and any motions to be considered at
+ an AGM or EGM will be announced to the Members no more than one week
+ and no less than four days before the meeting.
+16. Motions and nominations for Committee members must be submitted to
+ the Secretary after the announcement of the AGM (or an EGM called
+ for the purpose of electing a new Committee member) and must arrive
+ no less than one week before the meeting so that they can be
+ included in the announcement detailed in 15. A candidate for a
+ Committee role may withdraw themselves from consideration at any
+ time up to the point at which the vote is called at the meeting.
+ Should a given committee role not have any nominations by this time,
+ or should all nominees withdraw before the vote, the incumbent is
+ considered to be automatically re-nominated.
+17. All Members of the Society have one vote.
+18. Votes may only be cast by the Member unless previously delegated in
+ writing to the Secretary.
+19. Votes may be cast ahead of the meeting by providing a written
+ account of the vote the Member wishes to cast to the Secretary no
+ less than 24 hours ahead of the meeting.
+20. A meeting is considered quorate if at least one Committee member is
+ present and at least three other Members are present or have
+ registered absent votes for all motions and nominations being
+ considered.
+21. Should a Committee member wish to resign, an EGM shall be called to
+ elect a different Member to that role. The Member wishing to resign
+ the role shall serve until such a meeting can take place. The newly
+ elected Member will serve until the end of the subsequent AGM.
+22. Should membership of the Society fall below five Members, or should
+ it prove not possible to elect a Committee, then an EGM will be
+ called to attempt to resolve the situation. Should the EGM end
+ without membership increasing to at least five or without an elected
+ Committee, then the Society will be dissolved.
+23. Should a motion at an EGM or AGM be to dissolve the Society, then a
+ two-thirds majority including at least one Committee Member will be
+ required for the motion to pass.
+24. Should the society be dissolved, the following must be fulfilled:
+ 1. A resolution detailing the procedure for disposing of any assets
+ belonging to the Society must be passed by a two-thirds majority
+ of the remaining Members of the Society
+ 2. The most recently elected Committee will then execute the
+ resolution as passed.
+25. No Member may simultaneously occupy more than one role on the
+ Committee.
+26. Signatories on any bank accounts held in the name of the Society
+ shall be the members of the Committee.
+27. Should the membership of the Committee change, it shall be the task
+ of the Secretary (both old and new if changing) to ensure that the
+ Bank remain informed of the permitted signatories and to ensure that
+ any required paperwork is executed to that effect.
+28. All votes are non-secret and all Members will be notified of the
+ results of motions and nominations by the Secretary after any
+ general meeting.
+29. This Constitution may be amended by a motion passed by simple
+ majority at any quorate general meeting.
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+[[!meta title="Society/Members"]]
+[[!meta author="DanielSilverstone"]]
+[[!meta date="2013-07-20T09:58:57Z"]]
+[[!toc]] Currently the Committee
+- Michael Drake, Chair
+- John-Mark Bell, Treasurer
+- Daniel Silverstone, Secretary
+Current non-committee membership is:
+- Rob Kendrick
+- Chris Young
+- Vincent Sanders
+- Fran├žois Revol
+- Steve Fryatt
+The society is therefore quorate.
+The following are eligible to join:
+- Ole Loots
+- Vivek Dasmohapatra
+- Anthony J. Bentley
+- Adrien Destugues
+- Craig Barnes
+- John Tytgat