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+[[!meta title="Autobuilder requirements"]]
+[[!meta author="Tlsa"]]
+[[!meta date="2009-07-08T13:38:43Z"]]
+[[!toc]] The current autobuilder
+script is in need of an overhaul. Additionally, we need more features
+for it to be useful in the future. This page enumerates the features we
+- Automated fetch of component sources
+- Detection of updated components
+- Configurable installation prefix/destdir and build environment
+- Ability to specify which versions of components are built for a
+ given product
+- Dependency tracking (so, e.g a change to Hubbub results in a new
+ NetSurf binary)
+- Robust rewriting of URLs in documentation (maybe better handled in
+ component buildsystems)
+- Retain features of existing
+- Automated packaging of components for release
+- Automated creation of NSTools distribution for RISC OS.
+- Automatically run component testsuites, notifying any failures.
+ Also, compute code coverage statistics.