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@@ -61,7 +61,10 @@ Michael
* Worked with Daniel on fixing NULL node hover crash on page with all content set to `visibility: hidden`.
* Much plotting and planning of libnslayout's text layout, with Daniel.
* Looked at browser window scale stuff with Vince and moved the scale handling for invalidate to the core, and updated the GTK front end.
-* Checked what's going on with Duktape, and there's a new release we should upgrade to.
+* Setting up of frameworks for new libparagraph stuff.
+* Updated duktape
+* Made local-history bitmaps scale with DPI
+* Made iframe test on <>
@@ -70,12 +73,27 @@ Daniel
* Worked with Michael planning text layout
* Acquired a polyfill for `Array.from()` and fixed `consoleFormatter`.
* Fixed a typo (`BUTTOM`)
+* Made it so that cURL fetches will abort early if possible
+* Updated stacktrace handling to new duktape
+* Added cookie setting support
+* Wrote reload support into monkey driver/farmer
+* Added a cookie test using JS and a new cookies CGI
+* Various cleanups with `fetch_fdset()` vs `schedule_run()`
+* Added extra diagnostics during monkeyfarmer shutdown
+* Fixed the oldest bug! (Added scroll-visible to local history and added key
+ navigation)
+* Did similarly to treeview (scroll-visible)
* Restored OpenBSD to functionality in the CI
* Splitting up of `browser.c`
+* Removed `scale` from `_invalidate`.
+* Removed scaling from `get_dimensions`.
+* Re-fixed Haiku worker in CI.
+* Cleared out leftover junk builds from the CI carrier.
+* Continued the `scale`ectomy in `browser_window_mouse_click()`
Statement of work