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@@ -66,7 +66,8 @@ Michael
* Made local-history bitmaps scale with DPI
* Made iframe test on <>
* Attempted to add support for core window `scroll_visible` to RISC OS front end. (Still to be tested.)
-* Added support for scaling keyboard shortcuts to nsfb.
+ - It didn't compile, so built the RISC OS toolchain and SDK, and then fixed the compilation error.
+* Added support for scaling keyboard shortcuts to the Framebuffer front end.
* Added support for scrolling core windows to the RISC OS front end.
* Fixed the RISC OS core window get_window_dimensions to handle toolbar height.
* Made all the core window callbacks return nserror instead of void.
@@ -106,7 +107,9 @@ Vince
* Removed scaling from `get_dimensions`.
* Re-fixed Haiku worker in CI.
* Cleared out leftover junk builds from the CI carrier.
-* Continued the `scale`ectomy in `browser_window_mouse_click()`
+* Tested Michael's RISC OS changes under RPCEmu.
+* Completed `scale`ectomy in `browser_window_mouse_click()`, `browser_window_mouse_track()`, `browser_window_get_features()` `browser_window_set_scale()`. And updated all of the callers and all of the front ends.
+ - Now the front ends don't need to care about scale.
Statement of work