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+[[!meta title="Documentation/Treeview"]]
+[[!meta author="James Bursa"]]
+[[!meta date="2010-03-01T02:57:03Z"]]
+[[!toc]] Using the treeview gadget
+(together with core hotlist/history/cookies/sslcert)
+Providing front end specific bits
+Most of the treeview logic is located in core code but there still are
+some functions that need implementing on the front end side. These
+- Functions marked as front end specific ones and listed at the end of
+` tree_url_node.h.`
+- Functions in treeview\_table located in tree.h
+Additionally the option\_tree\_icons\_dir option should be set. It
+should be pointing at the directory containing the frontend specific
+icon set for the treeview.
+During GUI initialisation the following functions should be called:
+- cookies\_initialise
+- history\_global\_initialise
+- hotlist\_initialise
+- sslcert\_init
+On GUI closure:
+- cookies\_cleanup
+- history\_global\_cleanup
+- hotlist\_cleanup
+- no function for sslcert here!
+The sslcert tree is created and deleted each time the dialog gets
+invoked. This is done with sslcert\_create\_tree and sslcert\_cleanup.
+Make sure that closing the window with any other method will also
+perform the cleanup.
+The remaining functions in the header files of
+hotlist/history/cookies/sslcert have to be connected to the front end
+specific buttons and menu or tool bars.
+The front end is responsible for creating the windows and toolbars as
+well as empty core trees passed to the cookies/history/hotlist/sslcert
+initialisation functions. Use the \*\_get\_tree\_flags functions to
+obtain the flags with which the particular tree should be created.
+Using the treeview
+### Creating and modifying the tree structure
+- Create an empty tree with tree\_create.
+- Create the necessary folder/leave nodes.
+- Fill the leave nodes with tree\_create\_node\_element and assign
+ content to the elements with tree\_update\_node\_element.
+- Use tree\_link\_node to connect the created nodes in the required
+ structure.
+- With tree\_set\_redraw set the redraw flag on the tree to true, any
+ further changes will result in tree redraws. The flag can be
+ set/unset multiple times.
+- Call tree\_draw to draw the tree for the first time.
+### Client -\> Tree communication
+To make the tree respond to mouse action, all such has to be passed to
+tree\_mouse\_action and tree\_drag\_end. The mouse coordinates have to
+be given with respect to the tree origin.
+### Tree -\> Client communication
+Use tree\_set\_node\_user\_callback to provide a callback for any node
+related events. At the moment it can be used for(default behavior for a
+not handled event in brackets):
+- handling a node launch (no action)
+- custom node element deletion (free text/bitmap)
+- accepting/rejecting edited text (any text accepted)
+- informing about edit end (no action)
+[[!inline raw=yes pages="Documentation"]]