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+[[!meta title="Todo/Win32"]]
+[[!meta author="Kyllikki"]]
+[[!meta date="2016-03-22T11:01:47Z"]]
+Issues noted by rjw
+- No auto complete
+- Non-standard URL bar
+- Non-standard icon set
+- Throbber looks incorrect
+- Toolbar continues to contract horizontally even when it can't shrink
+ correctly
+- File-\>Save Page As is not greyed out, but entire sub-menu is
+- File-\>Open Location does not work
+- Edit-\>Find does not work
+- No form of selection works for the document
+- View-\>Page Source does not function
+- View-\>Zoom does not display the current zoom level anywhere
+- View-\>Full Screen does not function correctly when returning from
+ full screen mode
+- Local History draws outside the containing window, and has no close
+ icon
+- Tools-\>Downloads does not function