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* More tidyingJohn Mark Bell2009-05-084-26/+27
* API tidyingJohn Mark Bell2009-05-083-14/+20
* Add some error handling and reportingRob Kendrick2009-05-088-75/+162
* Build-time selectable frontend -- defaults to CLI.John Mark Bell2009-05-083-1/+10
* Slightly more useful behaviour on non-RO platforms.John Mark Bell2009-05-086-7/+21
* Command line interfaceJohn Mark Bell2009-05-072-1/+101
* Conditionalise RISC OS-specific codeJohn Mark Bell2009-05-072-0/+8
* Import TTF2f. Don't expect this to link; I've prevented it building main.c.John Mark Bell2009-05-0725-0/+3585