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* Merge branch 'tlsa/remove-absolutification'Michael Drake2015-01-101-43/+2
| * Need to pass normal property value though to the client.Michael Drake2015-01-101-43/+2
* Avoid duplicate get_column_rule_color call.Michael Drake2015-01-021-3/+1
* Trivial optimisation.Michael Drake2015-01-021-8/+13
* Ensure letter and word spacing are always absolutified.Michael Drake2015-01-022-34/+48
* Fix up test data.Michael Drake2014-12-311-1551/+1551
* Add absolute value conversion of currentColor for column-rule-color.Michael Drake2014-12-311-0/+8
* Fix handling of currentColor.Michael Drake2014-12-311-4/+2
* Fix break-{after,before,inside} group definition.John-Mark Bell2014-12-311-3/+3
* Make it compose styles.Michael Drake2014-12-311-6/+37
* Fix.Michael Drake2014-12-311-34/+38
* Use appropriate enum labels.Michael Drake2014-12-291-5/+5
* Add break-* property selection tests.Michael Drake2014-12-291-0/+309
* Fixup break-inside.Michael Drake2014-12-291-2/+27
* Dump break-* properties from computed styles, and update test data.Michael Drake2014-12-292-0/+240
* Add break-inside property support.Michael Drake2014-12-295-30/+62
* Add break-before property support.Michael Drake2014-12-295-35/+62
* Add break-after property support.Michael Drake2014-12-296-41/+75
* Add helpers for selecting break-* properties.Michael Drake2014-12-292-0/+52
* Add test case.Michael Drake2014-12-291-2/+102
* Update test data for uncommon property default value fixes.Michael Drake2014-12-291-122/+122
* Add comment to explain choice of defaults in the default uncommon extension b...Michael Drake2014-12-291-0/+2
* Fix many default values for "uncommon" properties.Michael Drake2014-12-291-16/+32
* Fix broken absolute valuification of letter and word spacing properties.Michael Drake2014-12-291-4/+6
* Tiny optimisation for computed style absolute valuification.Michael Drake2014-12-291-3/+1
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Drake2014-12-203-4/+4
| * Update to use correct BUILD/HOST variables due to buildsystem changesVincent Sanders2014-12-192-3/+3
| * Fix use of wrong enum value.Michael Drake2014-12-081-1/+1
* | Delete trailing whitespace.Michael Drake2014-12-071-4/+4
* Merge branch 'tlsa/select-column-properties'Michael Drake2014-12-0620-495/+1605
| * Add test for column-* properties.Michael Drake2014-12-061-44/+143
| * Add column-width to computed style dumping, and update test data.Michael Drake2014-12-062-0/+70
| * Add public accessor for column-width property.Michael Drake2014-12-062-0/+10
| * Fix column-width enum values.Michael Drake2014-12-061-2/+2
| * Add column-width property to computed styles.Michael Drake2014-12-064-41/+82
| * Add column-span to computed style dump and update test data.Michael Drake2014-12-062-0/+62
| * Add public accessor for column-span property.Michael Drake2014-12-062-0/+8
| * Add column-span property to computed styles.Michael Drake2014-12-064-20/+67
| * Add column-rule-width to computed style dump, and update unit tests.Michael Drake2014-11-162-0/+76
| * Add public computed style accessor for column-rule-width prop.Michael Drake2014-11-162-0/+10
| * Add column-rule-width to computed styles.Michael Drake2014-11-164-49/+84
| * Add column-rule-style to computed style dumper, and update unit tests.Michael Drake2014-11-162-0/+86
| * Add public computed style accessor for column-rule-style property.Michael Drake2014-11-162-0/+8
| * Add column_rule_style to computed styles.Michael Drake2014-11-164-40/+60
| * Add missing CSS_COLUMN_RULE_STYLE_HIDDEN value.Michael Drake2014-11-161-0/+1
| * Fix column-fill computed style offset.Michael Drake2014-11-163-24/+24
| * Add column-rule-color to computed style dumper and update unit tests.Michael Drake2014-11-152-0/+60
| * Add public accessor for column-rule-color in computed styles.Michael Drake2014-11-152-0/+10
| * Add column-rule-color to computed styles.Michael Drake2014-11-154-24/+83
| * Share colour enum values.Michael Drake2014-11-071-3/+3