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* select: Split out bytecode to unit conversion helper.Michael Drake2020-12-041-39/+0
* Add support for new length units.Lucas Neves2017-11-131-0/+13
* Strip trailing whitespace.Michael Drake2017-09-041-14/+14
* Add helpers for selecting break-* properties.Michael Drake2014-12-291-0/+49
* Various changes which modify API and ABI:Michael Drake2013-12-131-11/+8
* correctly apply enum casts to avoid warnings about casting between Vincent Sanders2012-04-141-6/+6
* Fix debug build (warnings about comparing different enums).Fran├žois Revel2012-04-061-4/+6
* Add support for selecting page-break-{before, after, inside}John Mark Bell2011-08-231-4/+12
* Centralise handling of transparent colours.John Mark Bell2011-01-291-3/+6
* Rename all css_[^_] internal symbols to css__ so that they're nicely namespacedDaniel Silverstone2011-01-261-2/+2
* Fix cascade of counter-{increment,reset} on 64bit platformsJohn Mark Bell2011-01-241-3/+3
* Ensure there are zero global symbols without css_ or css__ in front of them. ...Daniel Silverstone2011-01-201-28/+28
* Merge parser autogeneration and string handling refactor branch r=jmb,kinniso...Vincent Sanders2011-01-191-39/+3
* Simultaneously select styles for base + pseudo elements.John Mark Bell2011-01-051-20/+20
* Split up properties selectorsVincent Sanders2010-12-051-0/+510