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-# Makefile for Hubbub testcases
+# Child makefile fragment for libhubbub
-# Toolchain is exported by top-level makefile
+# Toolchain is provided by top-level makefile
-# Top-level makefile also exports the following variables:
+# Variables provided by top-level makefile
-# COMPONENT Name of component
-# EXPORT Absolute path of export directory
-# TOP Absolute path of source tree root
+# COMPONENT The name of the component
+# EXPORT The location of the export directory
+# TOP The location of the source tree root
+# RELEASEDIR The place to put release objects
+# DEBUGDIR The place to put debug objects
-# The top-level makefile requires the following targets to exist:
+# do_include Canned command sequence to include a child makefile
-# clean Clean source tree
-# debug Create a debug binary
-# distclean Fully clean source tree, back to pristine condition
-# export Export distributable components to ${EXPORT}
-# release Create a release binary
-# setup Perform any setup required prior to compilation
-# test Execute any test cases
+# Variables provided by parent makefile:
+# DIR The name of the directory we're in, relative to $(TOP)
+# Variables we can manipulate:
+# ITEMS_CLEAN The list of items to remove for "make clean"
+# ITEMS_DISTCLEAN The list of items to remove for "make distclean"
+# TARGET_TESTS The list of target names to run for "make test"
+# SOURCES The list of sources to build for $(COMPONENT)
+# Plus anything from the toolchain
+# Push parent directory onto the directory stack
+sp := $(sp).x
+dirstack_$(sp) := $(d)
+d := $(DIR)
# Extend toolchain settings
# We require the presence of libjson --
-CFLAGS += -I${TOP}/src/ -I$(CURDIR) \
- `${PKGCONFIG} ${PKGCONFIGFLAGS} --cflags json`
-# Release output
+CFLAGS := $(CFLAGS) -I$(TOP)/src/ -I$(d) \
+ `$(PKGCONFIG) $(PKGCONFIGFLAGS) --cflags json`
-# Debug output
-# Objects
-OBJS = aliases cscodec csdetect dict entities filter hubbub \
+# Tests
+TESTS_$(d) := aliases cscodec csdetect dict entities filter hubbub \
inputstream parser parser-utf16 tokeniser tokeniser2 \
-OBJS += regression/cscodec-segv regression/filter-segv regression/stream-nomem
-.PHONY: clean debug export release setup test
+TESTS_$(d) := $(TESTS_$(d)) regression/cscodec-segv regression/filter-segv \
+ regression/stream-nomem
-# Targets
+# Items for top-level makefile to use
+ $(addprefix $(d), $(addsuffix $(EXEEXT), $(TESTS_$(d)))) \
+ $(addprefix $(d), $(addsuffix .gcda, $(TESTS_$(d)))) \
+ $(addprefix $(d), $(addsuffix .gcno, $(TESTS_$(d))))
+# Targets for top-level makefile to run
- -@${RM} ${RMFLAGS} $(addsuffix ${EXEEXT}, $(OBJS))
+# Now we get to hack around so that we know what directory we're in.
+# $(d) no longer exists when running the commands for a target, so we can't
+# simply use it verbatim. Assigning to a variable doesn't really help, as
+# there's no guarantee that someone else hasn't overridden that variable.
+# So, what we do is make the target depend on $(d), then pick it out of the
+# dependency list when running commands. This isn't pretty, but is effective.
+test_$(d): $(d) $(addprefix $(d), $(TESTS_$(d)))
+ @$(PERL) $(TOP)/$< $(TOP)/$< $(EXEEXT)
- -@${RM} ${RMFLAGS} log
+# Build rules for each test binary -- they all depend on the debug library
+define compile_test
+$(2): $$(TOP)/$$(COMPONENT)-debug.a $(1)
+ @$$(ECHO) $$(ECHOFLAGS) "==> $(1)"
+ @$$(CC) -c -g $$(DEBUGCFLAGS) -o $$@.o $(1)
+ @$$(LD) -g -o $$@ $$@.o $$(LDFLAGS) -lhubbub-debug -lgcov
+ @$$(RM) $$(RMFLAGS) $$@.o
+$(eval $(foreach TEST,$(addprefix $(d), $(TESTS_$(d))), \
+ $(call compile_test,$(addsuffix .c, $(TEST)),$(TEST))))
-test: $(OBJS)
- @${PERL} ${EXEEXT}
+# Now include any children we may have
+MAKE_INCLUDES := $(wildcard $(d)*/Makefile)
+$(eval $(foreach INC, $(MAKE_INCLUDES), $(call do_include,$(INC))))
-# Pattern rules
-%: %.c
- @${ECHO} ${ECHOFLAGS} "==> $<"
- @${CC} -c -g ${CFLAGS} -o $@.o $<
- @${LD} -g -o $@ $@.o ${LDFLAGS} -lhubbub-debug
- @${RM} ${RMFLAGS} $@.o
+# Finally, pop off the directory stack
+d := $(dirstack_$(sp))
+sp := $(basename $(sp))