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* Perf tester: Optimise tree node data structure with last child pointer.Michael Drake2021-05-151-37/+49
* Perf tester: Add sample build commands and clean target.Michael Drake2021-05-131-0/+12
* Perf tester: Hubbub doesn't support client allocation callback now.Michael Drake2021-05-131-9/+1
* Perf tester: Remove bogus library initialisation/finalisation calls.Michael Drake2021-05-131-9/+4
* Perf tester: Add change_encoding stub to tree callbacks.Michael Drake2021-05-131-0/+10
* Perf tester: Tree handler callbacks return hubbub_error, not int.Michael Drake2021-05-131-51/+51
* Perf tester: Squash duplicate const qualifier warning.Michael Drake2021-05-131-1/+1
* Move makefiles that break main build on case-insensitive filesystems.Michael Drake2021-05-121-0/+0
* Fix compilationJohn Mark Bell2009-03-111-4/+45
* Get perf/hubbub.c building again after removing the "internal encoding" argum...Andrew Sidwell2008-08-021-1/+1
* Add my cobbled-together perftests.Andrew Sidwell2008-07-315-0/+600