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* Make the encoding change callback send the textual name rather than the miben...Andrew Sidwell2008-08-101-0/+1
* Squash warnings on AMD64John Mark Bell2008-08-051-2/+2
* Make sure we run the last test in the file.John Mark Bell2008-08-041-7/+31
* Stop pretending Hubbub has an internal encoding.Andrew Sidwell2008-08-021-1/+1
* Merged revisions 4631-4838 via svnmerge from John Mark Bell2008-07-311-51/+26
* Make tree2 perform reference counting.John Mark Bell2008-07-151-15/+171
* Export a hubbub_doctype type to create_doctype() directly, rather than passin...Andrew Sidwell2008-07-111-13/+15
* - Ignore #document-fragment sections betterAndrew Sidwell2008-07-111-9/+15
* Fix the test harness with multiline #data sections.Andrew Sidwell2008-07-111-4/+22
* Implement the test harness' add_attribute() methodAndrew Sidwell2008-07-111-2/+26
* Sort out the harness' DOCTYPE prettyprinting and up in the input line length ...Andrew Sidwell2008-07-111-9/+25
* Get the test harness concatenating adjacent text nodes.Andrew Sidwell2008-07-111-13/+43
* - Handle in_table_foster for element insertion (yet to do comment/character).Andrew Sidwell2008-07-101-2/+4
* Remove some unintentionally committed debug code.Andrew Sidwell2008-07-101-3/+0
* Format comments properly in text output. In the test harness. Again.Andrew Sidwell2008-07-101-2/+5
* Fix another bug in the test harness.Andrew Sidwell2008-07-101-3/+17
* Fix the test harness' implementation of reparent_children().Andrew Sidwell2008-07-101-6/+27
* Make the testrunner not overwrite the root node in cases like "<!DOCTYPE html...Andrew Sidwell2008-07-091-16/+24
* Make the tree-construction testrunner ns-aware.Andrew Sidwell2008-07-091-11/+42
* Get the tree-construction testrunner checking that tests actually pass.Andrew Sidwell2008-07-091-16/+73
* Make the test harness ignore #document-fragment sections instead of choking o...Andrew Sidwell2008-07-091-1/+4
* Move debugging statement for ease of debugging.Andrew Sidwell2008-07-091-1/+1
* Add a really basic tree construction test harness. Known problems:Andrew Sidwell2008-07-071-0/+561