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* simplify internal headersVincent Sanders2010-01-111-2/+1
* strip legacy plotter interfaceVincent Sanders2010-01-091-0/+1
* make the test app compile againVincent Sanders2009-12-251-0/+1
* use SDL blit method to accelerate copy operationsVincent Sanders2009-12-071-0/+42
* Include stdlib.h for atexit().Michael Drake2009-12-061-2/+3
* Improve cursor handlingVincent Sanders2009-12-041-24/+16
* Enable key repeat. Thanks to Bernd Roesch.Michael Drake2009-06-291-14/+15
* add cursor supportVincent Sanders2009-06-021-1/+68
* add legacy plotter APIVincent Sanders2009-04-241-1/+5
* add event interfaceVincent Sanders2009-04-151-18/+455
* make 8bpp plotters workVincent Sanders2009-04-091-9/+19
* initial commit of netsurf framebuffer libraryVincent Sanders2009-04-081-0/+105