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* Fix up build of wayland surfaceJohn-Mark Bell2014-11-151-4/+60
* Add support for resizable surfaces and implement it for SDL surface.Michael Drake2014-07-261-4/+23
* Set unused param in SDL_Color struct, to avoid valgrind uninitialised values ...Michael Drake2013-10-291-0/+1
* Fix leak.Michael Drake2013-04-101-0/+4
* Wayland surface handler with mouse input based on X surface handlerVincent Sanders2013-04-094-13/+2053
* Split 32bpp support into xrgba, xbgr, and common. Should allow for BGR surfa...Michael Drake2012-09-301-1/+30
* Add error diffusion to palette based rendering. Only used for bitmap and sca...Michael Drake2012-09-281-1/+1
* Add palette object. Optimise matching colour in case where we chose the pale...Michael Drake2012-09-271-40/+12
* Improve 8bpp palette: 685 RGB levels instead of 884 RGB levels, with remainde...Michael Drake2012-09-251-9/+34
* Add support for offset mouse pointer hotspots.Michael Drake2012-08-011-1/+6
* Update to new NSBUILD infrastructureDaniel Silverstone2012-06-291-1/+1
* Speculative support for xcb-util 0.3.8 and xcbproto 1.6John Mark Bell2012-05-121-1/+12
* basic fixes for linux framebuffer surfaceVincent Sanders2012-03-222-14/+160
* Improve API to allow for RAM surfaces instead of direct blittingVincent Sanders2011-11-218-210/+814
* remove malloc.h anachronismVincent Sanders2011-01-061-1/+1
* Make libnsfb dynamically detect the available surface librariesJohn Mark Bell2010-12-042-2/+9
* Fix warnings which occour with gcc 4.5Vincent Sanders2010-06-081-2/+3
* Make shared memory pixmap setup more robustVincent Sanders2010-05-021-9/+35
* Fix keypress handlingVincent Sanders2010-04-301-327/+327
* Fix x surface to not leave mouse trailsVincent Sanders2010-04-301-9/+38
* fix x surface input timeoutVincent Sanders2010-04-301-15/+39
* acellerate x surface copyingVincent Sanders2010-04-291-17/+103
* Make the SDL surface event handler cope with timeout correctlyVincent Sanders2010-04-281-4/+33
* ensure reply is not leaked if server does not support shared memoryVincent Sanders2010-04-261-4/+9
* enable shared memory images if availableVincent Sanders2010-04-261-39/+139
* significantly improve performance of the x surfaceVincent Sanders2010-04-261-118/+171
* start improvements in surface handlingVincent Sanders2010-04-268-0/+1889