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+NetSurf public suffix list handling
library to generate static code representation of the Public suffix list
+Public suffix list
+The public suffix list is a database of top level domain names [1].
+The database allows an application to determine if if a domain
+name requires an additional label to be valid.
+The principle use in a web browser is to restrict supercookies being
+set [2] although it can also serve secondary purposes in the UI such
+as domain highlighting.
+This implementation uses a directly mapped tree to allow for a
+relatively compact representation (~70k compiled vs ~185k source) to
+determine if a given hostname is a public suffix. There is no
+allocation and the data tables all reside in read only data section
+and cannot be updated after compilation.
+There is a single API nspsl_getpublicsuffix() which will return the
+public suffix of a hostname if it was valid or NULL if not. The
+hostname passed must be normalised (i.e. lower case and domain labels
+in punycode)
+The data tables are staticly generated from a given input with the perl program. This program takes a downloaded suffix
+database and generates a file the main library lookup code directly
+The generated file and the public suffix list used to generate
+it are included in the source release as a conveniance but can be
+regenerated simply by deleting the src/public_suffix_list.dat file and
+making any target.
+Other libraries
+This library was created for a very limited purpose in NetSurf and is
+therefore possibly not useful as a generic solution. Other C libraries
+might be more apropriate:
+- Registered domain libs
+ Small C library which builds a pre-processed database into dynamic
+ memory. Similar tree based lookup to nspsl. Not been updated for a
+ while
+- libpsl
+ has a very compact data representation (~35k vs nspsl ~70k) using
+ DAFSA taken from the chromium project. Can load (preprocessed)
+ database files at runtime as well as using a compile time builtin
+ set.
+ Can be compiled with runtime IDNA support. Directly uses the PSL git
+ repo as a submodule so PSL database always up to date.
+ If the 0.14 release was more readily available in distribution
+ packages NetSurf would use this in preference to nspsl