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Pedantic spelling changes of encoding names UTF-8, UTF-16 and UCS-4
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diff --git a/include/parserutils/charset/codec.h b/include/parserutils/charset/codec.h
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--- a/include/parserutils/charset/codec.h
+++ b/include/parserutils/charset/codec.h
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ typedef struct parserutils_charset_codec parserutils_charset_codec;
* A codec's error mode determines its behaviour in the face of:
* + characters which are unrepresentable in the destination charset (if
- * encoding data) or which cannot be converted to UCS4 (if decoding data).
+ * encoding data) or which cannot be converted to UCS-4 (if decoding data).
* + invalid byte sequences (both encoding and decoding)
* The options provide a choice between the following approaches:
@@ -95,13 +95,13 @@ parserutils_error parserutils_charset_codec_setopt(
parserutils_charset_codec_opttype type,
parserutils_charset_codec_optparams *params);
-/* Encode a chunk of UCS4 data into a codec's charset */
+/* Encode a chunk of UCS-4 data into a codec's charset */
parserutils_error parserutils_charset_codec_encode(
parserutils_charset_codec *codec,
const uint8_t **source, size_t *sourcelen,
uint8_t **dest, size_t *destlen);
-/* Decode a chunk of data in a codec's charset into UCS4 */
+/* Decode a chunk of data in a codec's charset into UCS-4 */
parserutils_error parserutils_charset_codec_decode(
parserutils_charset_codec *codec,
const uint8_t **source, size_t *sourcelen,