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* Beginnings of port to core buildsystemJohn Mark Bell2009-08-241-1079/+0
* Fix stroke widths.James Bursa2008-05-041-2/+2
* Work on linearGradient attributes gradientUnits and gradientTransform. Adapt ...James Bursa2008-03-101-64/+74
* Add support for x1, y1, x2, y2 attributes of linearGradient.James Bursa2008-02-191-2/+0
* Linear gradients, part 1.James Bursa2008-02-181-152/+133
* Scale stroke-width correctly.James Bursa2008-02-031-1/+2
* Implement svgtiny_free() and fix memory usage.James Bursa2008-02-021-6/+21
* SVG code extracted from NetSurf into a standalone library.James Bursa2008-02-021-0/+1074