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Unicode 9 updates (#70)
* Updates for Unicode 9.0.0 TR29 Changes - New rules GB10/(12/13) are used to combine emoji-zwj sequences/ (force grapheme breaks every two RI codepoints). Unfortunately this breaks statelessness of grapheme-boundary determination. Deal with this by ignoring the problem in utf8proc_grapheme_break, and by hacking in a special case in decompose - ZWJ moved to its own boundclass, update what is now GB9 accordingly. - Add comments to indicate which rule a given case implements - The Number of bound classes Now exceeds 4 bits, expand to 8 and reorganize fields * Import Unicode 9 data * Update Grapheme break API to expose state override * Bump MAJOR version
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# not API compatibility: MAJOR should be incremented whenever *binary*
# compatibility is broken, even if the API is backward-compatible
# Be sure to also update these in MANIFEST and CMakeLists.txt!
OS := $(shell uname)
ifeq ($(OS),Darwin) # MacOS X