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* Build with core netsurf buildsystemrelease/2.2.0-1Vincent Sanders2018-08-231-14871/+0
* update data and algorithms for Unicode 11 (#140)Steven G. Johnson2018-07-241-9821/+10208
* charwidth=1 for soft hyphen and unassigned codepoints (#135)Steven G. Johnson2018-07-241-1893/+1893
* uppercase mapping ß (U+00df) to ẞ (U+1E9E) (#134)Steven G. Johnson2018-05-021-1221/+1221
* Case folding fixes (#133)Steven G. Johnson2018-05-021-4177/+4177
* update to unicode 10 (#132)Steven G. Johnson2018-04-271-1728/+1826
* Ensure generated const data tables are hidden via "static" (#100)Paul Smith2017-02-191-5/+5
* update to unifont 9.0.04Steven G. Johnson2016-12-111-7548/+7549
* silence MSVC warning about conversion to uint8 (fix #86)Steven G. Johnson2016-11-301-7545/+7544
* update to Unifont 9 (for Unicode 9 charwidths) (#75)Steven G. Johnson2016-07-121-505/+506
* Smaller tables (#68)Benito van der Zander2016-07-121-11669/+8966
* Unicode 9 updates (#70)Keno Fischer2016-06-281-11102/+11438
* Reduce the size of the binary.Michaël Meyer2015-12-091-6668/+6668
* Update Unicode dataPeter Colberg2015-10-291-2635/+2629
* Update Unicode dataJiahao Chen2015-06-291-2728/+2766
* Updated Unicode 8 data - now sorted internally by data generatorJiahao Chen (陈家豪)2015-06-261-2770/+2761
* Update Unicode dataJiahao Chen2015-06-261-893/+896
* fix #46 (make sure symbol-like codepoints have nonzero width even if they are...Steven G. Johnson2015-06-241-1803/+1715
* Updated data file to Unicode 8.0.0Jiahao Chen2015-06-231-7430/+7972
* Prefix other C99 typedefs with utf8proc_Tony Kelman2015-04-061-4/+4
* fix #2: add charwidth functionSteven G. Johnson2015-03-121-9939/+10242
* update graphemes for Unicode 7, add utf8proc_grapheme_break functionSteven G. Johnson2014-12-121-10315/+10549
* Update utf8proc_data.c (generated by data_generator.rb)Jiahao Chen2014-07-181-8830/+11182
* import of utf8proc-v1.1.6v1.1.6Steven G. Johnson2014-07-151-0/+13383