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<dl class="news">
+<dt><a href="">NetSurf 3.0 released</a> <span>20 Apr 2013</span></dt>
+<dd>NetSurf 3.0 contains many changes over the 2.x release series. The biggest difference is the use of our new Document Object Model library, <a href="">LibDOM</a>. This new library is a foundation that paves the way for us to implement a fully dynamic layout engine in the future. Other improvements in NetSurf 3.0 include completely new textarea support, ability to fetch and parse CSS in parallel with HTML documents, extensive behind-the-scenes refactoring, and a host of smaller changes and fixes. A more complete listing is available in the <a href="">Change Log</a>.</dd>
<dt><a href="">NetSurf at the Wakefield Show</a> <span>23 Mar 2013</span></dt>
<dd>The NetSurf developers will be exhibiting at the Wakefield RISC OS trade show on Saturday 20th April. Please visit our stand to discuss issues, future plans, or just to meet the developers.</dd>
<dt><a href="">New textarea handling</a> <span>11 Feb 2013</span></dt>