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<dd>Bumper development summary, including performance and page layout improvements, better text selection handling, vastly improved GTK front end, ports to new platforms and Google Summer of Code round-up.</dd>
<dt><a href="">Now using Hubbub</a> <span>11 Aug 2008</span></dt>
<dd>NetSurf now uses <a href="/projects/hubbub/">Hubbub</a>, our new HTML parser which is compliant with the HTML5 specification. This fixes many issues and ensures we handle broken HTML in the same way as the other mainstream browsers.</dd>
-<dt><a href=";a=blob_plain;f=Docs/BUILDING-BeOS;hb=HEAD">BeOS port started</a> <span>03 Jun 2008</span></dt>
+<dt><a href="">BeOS port started</a> <span>03 Jun 2008</span></dt>
<dd>NetSurf is now running natively on the BeOS operating system. The early port is available from SVN.</dd>
<dt><a href="/developers/gsoc">GSoC projects selected</a> <span>22 Apr 2008</span></dt>
<dd>The student projects that will be carried out this summer have been announced. See our <a href="/developers/gsoc">GSoC page</a> for details.</dd>
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<dd>We have migrated to Subversion, a more powerful and advanced versioning system than CVS.</dd>
<dt><a href="">The road to 1.0</a> <span>25 Mar 2006</span></dt>
<dd>Our plans for version 1.0 for the RISC OS and GTK builds.</dd>
-<dt><a href=";view=rev">Experimental GTK port</a> <span>22 Jun 2004</span></dt>
+<dt><a href="">Experimental GTK port</a> <span>22 Jun 2004</span></dt>
<dd>A new GTK front end has been checked in. It allows NetSurf to be tested on Uinx-like systems.</dd>
<dt><a href="">Sourceforge project registered</a> <span>19 Apr 2002</span></dt>
<dd>After an online discussion about the deficiencies of existing web browser on the RISC OS plaform, the NetSurf web browser project has been started.</dd>