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<dl class="news">
+<dt><a href="">NetSurf at the Wakefield Show</a> <span>23 Mar 2013</span></dt>
+<dd>The NetSurf developers will be exhibiting at the Wakefield RISC OS trade show on Saturday 20th April. Please visit our stand to discuss issues, future plans, or just to meet the developers.</dd>
<dt><a href="">New textarea handling</a> <span>11 Feb 2013</span></dt>
<dd>We've rewritten NetSurf's textarea support, so composing webmail, forum posting, and form filling should be more reliable now. Support for text selection and other behaviour is improved.</dd>
<dt><a href="">Early JavaScript builds available</a> <span>13 Dec 2012</span></dt>
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<div class="footer">
-<p>Copyright 2003 - 2012 The NetSurf Developers</p>
+<p>Copyright 2003 - 2013 The NetSurf Developers</p>