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<h2 id="UserSupportTracker">User support tracker</h2>
-<dt>Bug tracker - [<a href=";group_id=51719&amp;atid=464312">Submit bug report</a>], [<a href=";group_id=51719&amp;atid=464312">View reported bugs</a>]</dt>
-<dd>If you run into problems using NetSurf, please read the <a href="/documentation/info#Bugs">guidelines for reporting bugs</a> and submit them to the bug tracker.</dd>
-<dt>Request tracker - [<a href=";group_id=51719&amp;atid=464315">Make request</a>], [<a href=";group_id=51719&amp;atid=464315">View existing requests</a>]</dt>
-<dd>If you have ideas for improving NetSurf, you can suggest them on our feature request tracker.</dd>
+<dt>[<a href="">NetSurf Bug Report System</a></dt>
+<dd>If you run into problems using NetSurf, please read the guidelines for reporting bugs and submit them to our bug tracker.</dd>
<h2 id="MailingLists">Mailing lists</h2>