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<tr><td>ANT URL</td><td>&amp;b28</td><td><abbr title="Not Applicable">N/A</abbr></td></tr>
<tr><td>IEURL</td><td>&amp;1ba</td><td><abbr title="Not Applicable">N/A</abbr></td></tr>
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-<p>Flash files are not handled by NetSurf directly but are displayed by an <a href="info#GettingStartedAdditionalResources">external plugin</a>.</p>
<p>NetSurf recognises different file types by their RISC OS file type for local files and by their content-type header for files sourced from the internet. Files are not identified by their extension or content. This means that for a file to be displayed, servers must be configured to send the correct content-type header and local files must have the correct RISC OS file type set.</p>
<h2 id="DownloadWindow">Download Window</h2>
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<dd>This option can be used to stop NetSurf from displaying advertisements on web pages. This can be useful for pages which contain distracting or obtrusive adverts. Note that NetSurf can only make an educated guess at which content is an advert and which is not. This can mean that some adverts will be fail to be blocked, or more seriously, when advertisement blocking is enabled some valid content may occasionally be blocked.</dd>
<dt>Disable pop-up windows</dt>
<dd>This option can be used to stop web pages from opening new browser windows on your desktop. Some pages may try to open advertisements in new windows, when you visit the page, or open some links in pop-up windows, instead of the current window. Disabling pop-ups means that the only way a new window can be opened is when a user explicitly opens it.</dd>
-<dt>Disable plug-ins</dt>
-<dd>This option can be used to disable plug-ins. Plug-ins are external applications that can handle specific types of content, for example Flash files. This option disables the use of plug-ins, meaning that NetSurf will simply not display the particular file, or use any alternative content provided by a web page.</dd>
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<p>The following resources are not required to run NetSurf, although they do add additional functionality.</p>
-<dt><a href="">Flash plugin</a></dt>
-<dd>This allows you to view Flash files on web sites.</dd>
<dt><a href="">MimeMap Datafile</a></dt>
<dd>A resource containing many different MIME types and their equivalent RISC OS file types.</dd>