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<div class="content">
-<p class="breadcrumbs"><a href="/">Home</a> <a href="/downloads/">Downloads</a> BeOS</p>
+<p class="breadcrumbs"><a href="/">Home</a> <a href="/downloads/">Downloads</a> Haiku</p>
-<h1>Haiku and BeOS NetSurf Downloads</h1>
+<h1>Haiku NetSurf Downloads</h1>
+<div class="bignote">
+<dt><a href="">Test builds</a></dt>
+<dd>Bleeding-edge test builds are available for those that want to try the latest experimental features.</dd>
<div class="downloadlatestouter">
<div class="downloadlatest">
<div class="downloadlatestbox">
-<p class="downloadmain downloadfirst"><a href=""><span>NetSurf 2.0 for Haiku</span> <span>(6.2MB)</span> <span class="downloaddate">25 Apr 2009</span></a></p>
+<p class="downloadmain downloadfirst"><a href=""><span>NetSurf 3.6 for Haiku</span> <span>(9.4MB)</span> <span class="downloaddate">19 Nov 2016</span></a></p>
<p class="downloadinstructions">Extract to boot and create symlink for Deskbar</p>
<!--<p class="preul">Requires:</p>
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<div class="downloadlatestbox downloadlast">
-<p class="downloadmain"><a href=""><span>NetSurf 2.0 source code</span> <span>(1.4MB)</span> <span class="downloaddate">25 Apr 2009</span></a></p>
+<p class="downloadmain"><a href=""><span>NetSurf 3.6 source code</span> <span>(3.9MB)</span> <span class="downloaddate">19 Nov 2016</span></a></p>
<p class="downloadinstructions"><a href="/downloads/source/#BuildInstructions">Build instructions</a></p>
<p class="preul">Build NetSurf for:</p>
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<p>The latest <a href="">development build</a> is available, which should be unzipped to <em>&quot;/boot&quot;</em>.</p>
+<h2>Previous releases</h2>
+<dt>NetSurf 3.5</dt>
+<li><a href="">NetSurf 2.0 browser for Haiku and BeOS</a> (25 Apr 2009)</li>
+<li><a href="">NetSurf 3.5 source code</a> (25 Apr 2009)</li>
<p>Alternatively, you can obtain the <a href="/downloads/source/">latest source</a>, if you want to play with the BeOS/Haiku port.</p>