Thanks from the NetSurf Team!

We would like to thank the following organisations for their kind generosity and the help they have given us:

Last updated 28 September 2011

Advantage Six

Advantage Six Ltd offer design, manufacture and support services for OEM customers. One of their products is the A9home computer which runs the RISC OS operating system.

Advantage Six have donated two A9homes to the NetSurf developers. At RISC OS computer shows, Advantage Six have often shared their internet connection with the NetSurf stand. This allows us to show people NetSurf in action, and also for users to show us how they use NetSurf.

The Foundry

The Foundry is a world-leading innovator of visual effects and image processing technologies that boost productivity in motion picture and video post-production. Users of their software include Hollywood movie makers such as Warner Bros, The Moving Picture Company, Weta Digital, Sony Pictures, and more.

The Foundry donated a 1.66 GHz intel core duo powered Mac Mini running Mac OS X 10.6.8 to the NetSurf project. It has been set up to allow developers to log in and use remotely, enabling us to build and test the browser on Mac OS X.

Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code generously offers funding for students to work on open source projects over the summer. NetSurf was selected to participate as a mentoring organisation in both the 2008 and 2009 programmes. Several excellent students worked with us and the experience proved a great success for NetSurf.

GSoC 2008

Our students completed our new HTML5 parser, vastly overhauled the GTK front end, implemented PDF export, added print functionality to the GTK version and split bits of NetSurf out into separate libraries, for ease of maintenance and use by other projects. In addition to all this, taking part in Google Summer of Code also raised NetSurf's profile in the wider open source community.

GSoC 2009

In the second year our students worked on several areas of the project. Much work was done on our new Document Object Model library. A set of core widgets like scrollbars and text inputs was created. Much previously RISC OS specific functionality was moved from the RISC OS front end to the multi-platform core. These include treeviews, global history, cookie management, and page text search. The GTK front end was much improved with interfaces for the new core functionality and other features like a search bar and favicons.


Pepperfish is a small independent hosting provider. They generously host the NetSurf web site, mailing lists and downloads. They also take care of all our web server setup and configuration needs.

Simtec Electronics

Simtec Electronics is an experienced electronics development and design consultancy. In addition to their range of design and manufacture services, they provide an extensive range of standard hardware and software products that include ARM processor evaluation boards, I/O modules, the ABLE boot loader firmware and an embedded USB host stack.

Simtec sponsored the framebuffer port of NetSurf. This front end requires no GUI toolkit. It runs on the Linux framebuffer and on Simtec's ABLE boot loader. This enables NetSurf to be used on small devices without the overheads of a desktop windowing system.